Now bill payment has become super easy and quick thanks to EZPassMD. They have both a stellar website and a superb mobile app through which you can easily make your payments. You just have to log in to EZPassMD bill pay by using your official mobile number, and you are ready to make all the quick payments.

Your ultimate destination to make the bill payment will be, a completely secure browser for bill payment. They also accept eChecks at specific locations. 

Now let's dig deep into it and get to know all the details.

How to make a bill payment on EZPassMD by your credit card

  • At first, you have to create an account. If you have an EZPass account, you'll become a user. As a result, you can quickly pay your bills by using your credit card.
  • Otherwise, you can simply visit the nearest authority stop to make the payment using your credit card for automatic replenishment.
  • If you are a customer of EZ Pass Maryland and your account balance becomes below $10, this auto-replenishment system will charge you for that.

If you are an E – ZPass transponder user, you need to keep in mind that you have to make the payment on time. Otherwise, you should immediately stop using it until you repair your financial situation. On the other hand, drivers usually put their transponder under their driver or passenger seat, in the glove compartment, or sometimes they even put it in the car back seat pocket. You should keep in mind that no one can read the transponder if you are still following the same rule.

Now the question is what you should do if you really don't want to use the transponder. Let's find out.

Notes and crucial facts of EZ Pass

People who don't want to use the transponder can simply place it in the section called read prevent, and your work is done. If you are a cash or cheque-paying customer, you will get an alert whenever you have a low balance. It simply means that you will receive a cue from their side whenever your account fulfills the replenishment amount's 50%.

Are you still muddling through the replenishment? Let us clear your doubt. Are you a business account holder? Do you utilize your credit card to make different account payments? If your advance payment amount's 25% is your account balance, you can expect your account to be replenished. 

A hassle-free toll collection system

E-ZPass is an incredible electronic and hassle-free toll collection system. You don't have to take the unnecessary burden of cash, toll tickets, or coins. You should always attach your diverse windshield to your E-ZPass transponder. 

According to some of the E-ZPass customers, they have placed their transponder in different places like the rear-view mirror, the sun visor of the car, or the dashboard. They have faced several technical issues with their particular devices. Their devices stopped working consistently. That is why you should permanently attach your transponder to the suggested place that is the driver's windshield.

Are you trying to sign in?

Well, then you should keep these crucial points in mind. You can anytime change your password as it will not affect the PIN. You can still use the same PIN to access the voice response system even after changing your password. On the other hand, you cannot utilize your password to access this system.

Have you lost your password?

If you cannot access bill pay for EZ Pass MD, keep in mind that you can solve the issues of login or a lost password only from the payment resources section. We have updated all the payment resources here. Check this out.

Payment resources

Here are the payment resources for you.

How to make an online bill payment?

It's a pretty straightforward process. You can simply pay your bill by visiting their official website One more option is available for you. You can call their helpline number 1-888-321-6824.

If you need any help regarding your login to my EZPass MD account, you can call the same number. The best part is you can access your account from any device, including a tablet, a desktop device, or a mobile phone. On the other hand, accessing your account from any web browser is absolutely possible.

People who want to make their bill payment through their debit card should also contact their customer service department. That's because EZ Pass MD has changed its policies and procedures several times. In that case, checking your eligibility to pay with your debit card is necessary.

Their customer care service is quite active. Therefore, if you face any problem or want to make the payment online, you can simply call their customer service number or directly contact them through their official website.